Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Video Compression must-Core i5, i7 core notebook Recommended

    As digital cameras continue to cut prices, and now many young people began to play with the DV: college students on campus such as popular self-timer DV drama; classmates gatherings, family parties, wedding and other occasions will be used in DV.

    However, the general DV shooting out of the video file format is AVI, a short section of video will take up a lot of hard disk space. In order to facilitate the preservation, recording and playback on your computer, video production staff will be compressed into smaller RMVB, or MPEG format, but the compression process is very long - often one or two hours of video file compression needs of a whole days; the same time, video post-production: editing, splicing, add subtitles, audio tracks also need a very long time.

    The reason is because video compression for the high requirements of computer processor, the average notebook or desktop processor speed is too slow, far from being able to meet demand. Thus, a feature that automatically overclock the processor, a desktop or notebook is very necessary, and this connection, we recommend to the majority of players support video frequency technology, Core Core i5, Core i7 processors, as well as the use of these processors notebooks.

    Recommended products: Dell Inspiron Ling Yue 14 (S511223CN) Notebook

The new Dell Inspiron Ling Yue 14 (Dell 312-0026 battery) Yao Shi notebook has a black, ice blue, cherry red, pink and so on for four kinds of appearance of free choice, brushed metal palmrest material; with 14-inch LED-backlit glossy screen, LCD Border Integration 1.3 million-pixel webcam; machine look thinner and lighter than the previous generation of compact, starting weight of 2.19 kilograms, is only 20.8 millimeters thick -32.3 mm.

Configuration, Dell Inspiron Ling Yue 14 (Dell 312-0151 battery) notebook with Core i5-430M processor, Intel HM55 motherboard chipset, Dell Wireless 1397 802.11b / g wireless card half-height, Dell 365 Bluetooth module built-in 2.1; have 2GB DDR3 RAM , 320GB hard drive, DVD burner; 512MB of dedicated graphics memory in ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics card; built-in six-core 48-watt lithium-ion batteries, two 2-watt high-fidelity audio 2.0 stereo speakers; pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit operating system.

Dell Inspiron Ling Yue 14 (Dell 312-0101 battery) notebook with Core Duo processor, through the i5-430M Core frequency technology can be overclocked to 2.53GHz;, and this processor integrated memory controller and graphics chip, both memory performance and the performance of integrated graphics than the old products has greatly improved. Unfortunately, this notebook graphics cards is still relatively low-end HD 4330.

Recommended products: Lenovo IdeaPad Y550P-ISE (F) Notebook

Lenovo IdeaPad Y550P-ISE (Lenovo L08S6C02 battery) Appearance of the largest notebook highlights: brown painted roof on a set of personalized designs, design center of the English word "ART of Gaming" moral of the game this notebook positioning; machine for Matt appearance, palmrest and keyboard care are gray; with 15.6 inches LED-backlit screen, 1.3 million-pixel camera; with Slide Bar desktop navigation, Multi-Touch trackpad, keyboard, Lenovo's high touch, Dolby-certified audio and other functions.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y550P-ISE (Lenovo Fru 42t4657 battery) notebook with the Intel Core i7-720QM processor, Intel PM55 chipset, Intel 5300AGN wireless card, Bluetooth 2.0 module; have 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500G 7200 RPM drives, DVD burner; 1GB memory The NVIDIA Geforce GT 240M graphics card; Windows 7 Home Premium operating system pre-installed.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y550P-ISE (Lenovo Fru 42t4522 battery) used in notebook Core i7-720QM nominal processor clocked at 1.6GHz, the frequency acceleration can be achieved through the Core 2.8GHz, performance has increased substantially, very suitable for video editing and other demanding on CPU. In addition, NVIDIA Geforce GT 240M graphics card also satisfy the needs of the user to play big game.

Recommended Product: Alienware M15x (S510908CNW) Notebook

Alienware M15x (S510908CNW) notebook with magnesium alloy material, on-screen-axis part of the design to facilitate non-slip rubber hand grip; can choose red nebulae, cosmic black, silver shadow on three kinds of color, shell lines, aggressive; with 15.6 inches LED backlight screen resolution of 1600 × 900, top of the screen is also built-in support for a facial recognition 2 million pixel camera; AlienFX luminous keyboard, QuickTouch system, touch pad, the array microphone; it can be seen as narrowing the Alienware M17X version, but the machine is still not a light weight, about 4.08 kilograms.

Configuration, Alienware M15x (S510908CNW) notebook using the latest Core i7-720QM quad-core mobile processor, the latest of the Calpella chipset, Intel 5300AGN wireless card, Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth 2.1 module; has 1024MB GDDR3 video memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M discrete graphics card; 4GB dual-channel DDR3-1333MHz memory, 320GB 7200 rpm hard drive, slot-loading dual-layer DVD burner; standard 9-cell lithium battery; pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Digital Home Premium operating system.

Interface connection, the model has three USB 2.0 (of which one is compatible with eSATA port), VGA, DisplayPort, IEEE 1394a, ExpressCard, 8-in-1 card reader, two headphone jacks, a microphone port. Body Front 2 high-fidelity 5.1 surround sound speakers, and has a digital TV function.

Alienware M15x (S510908CNW) notebook configuration is still powerful: i7-720QM quad-core mobile processor speeds Although only 1.6GHz, but by Turbo can be overclocked to 2.8GHz, and has three 6MB cache, easy to meet need for play; DDR3 - 1333MHz memory, 7200 RPM drives as well as the GTX 260M graphics card is also capable of performing the vast majority of the game.

Recommended products: Acer Aspire 4740G (432G50MN) Notebook

Acer Aspire 4740G (Acer UM09A75 battery) notebook appearance, mold and 4736ZG the same: dark blue cap accompanied by Metal LOGO, rounded shape is very elegant; 14-inch 16:9 ratio LED backlit screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768, the screen at the top there is a 300,000-pixel camera; gray clouds concave point on the palmrest, you can prevent skids; chocolate-style keyboard, touch pad next to a button is used to shut down.

Acer Aspire 4740G (Acer Lip-8188cmpc battery) notebook with Core i5-430M processor, Intel HM55 motherboard chipset, 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN module, Bluetooth 2.1 module; has 2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, DVD burner; 512MB memory The NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics card; Windows 7 Home Basic operating system pre-installed.

Core i5-430M processor clocked at 2.26GHz, Core frequency can be accelerated to 2.53GHz, and the integrated memory controller and integrated graphics, pretty good; NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics card is the latest product, than the previous generation G 105M graphics card more than 20% of the increase. In general, Acer Aspire 4740G (Acer as07a75 battery) Notebook price is quite good.

Recommended products: ASUS A42Jr-SL Notebook

ASUS notebook A42Jr-SL main colors for darker body color, roof using wave Takifugu Infusion designs, the rear fuselage with a Gentle arc,Asus AL24-1000 battery without any income type; hidden in shaft design, provide a broader perspective; use of sub-Island keyboard, optional chocolate keyboard; covered with a special coating of the palmrest part, only provide a comfortable touch and do not leave any fingerprints; use of seamless multi-touch panel design, with your fingers control the image size , browse for pages; also inadvertently into the anti-intelligent design, automatic identification of palm and fingers of access to information to effectively prevent input errors.

ASUS A42Jr-SL notebooks with Core i5-430M processor, Intel HM55 motherboard chipset, 1GB DDR3 video memory ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics card;Asus a33-w7 battery has 2GB RAM, 320GB hard drive, DVD burner; with 14-inch 1366 × 768 resolution the rate of LED backlit screen, top of the screen built a 300,000-pixel camera; use Athero 802.11n wireless card, Windows 7 Home Basic operating system pre-installed. Machine with the battery weighs about 2.26 kilograms. With POWER 4 GEAR power-saving mode, while reducing the noise machine running; HDMI interface, Altec Lansing speakers and SRS virtual surround sound software.

Asus a32-u5 battery uses the latest Core i5-430M dual-core processor with 2.26GHz clock speed, and can be overclocked Core frequency technology to 2.53GHz; integrated memory controller and graphics core also made this notebook overall performance a certain upgrade. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics card Although they are entry-level products, but broke in the 3DMark06 test 4000 points, indicating its performance should not be underestimated.

Recommended products: Sony VPCCW28EC Notebook

Sony VPCCW28EC appearance of a total notebook blue, black, white, red, pink five kinds of colors, roof and palmrest at both color covers, but the palmrest Department's color is graded from light to dark colors, mostly black screen border , the color of the keypad is also different, but Sony PCGA-BP2V battery have adopted a landmark chocolate keycap, multi-point touchpad. With 14-inch LED backlit screen, built a 300,000-pixel camera; machine with 6-cell lithium battery weight of 2.4 kg.

Sony Vgp-bpl8a battery using VPCCW28EC Core i5-520M processor, Intel HM55 motherboard chipset, 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN module, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR module; have 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB hard drive, DVD burner; 512MB GDDR3 video memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics card; pre-installed Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit operating system.

Sony Vgp-bps1 battery used i5-520M Core Duo processor, dual-threaded high-speed processing the plant, through the Intel Core frequency acceleration technology can be upgraded to an operating frequency of 2.93GHz, with 3MB of Level 3 cache of up to allow users to perform complex operations can be handy. NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics card than the previous generation of NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M graphics card have a certain upgrade. Overall, the new Sony laptop VPCCW28EC greatly enhanced overall performance, more in line with stringent requirements.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The new core has taken new impulse to the new Core Duo laptop recommendation

With the new intel conference held last week, i series of new i3 and i5 official boarded the market. The new Core Duo processor, using 32-nanometer technology, its unique insights to be intelligent CPU oftenness technology enables the allocation of system imaginations, with a higher processing efficiency, so that the computer have a stronger core.

Acer Aspire 4740G (332G32MN)

Acer Aspire 4740G (Acer 4UR18650F-2-QC-EA1 battery) notebook design still uses the same gems with 4736ZG this design, dark blue cap, soft lines, making books demure elegance. Equipped with a 14-inch 16:9 ratio LED screen, a maximum resolution of 1366 × 768, top of the screen built a 300,000-pixel camera, easy to use.

Acer Aspire 4740G (Acer 60.43t12.031 battery) notebook with Core i3-330M processor, Intel motherboard chipset HM55, standard 2GB of memory, 320GB hard drive, 512MB of video memory NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics card; built-in DVD burner, 802.11b / g / n wireless LAN module.

Acer Aspire 4740G (Acer 916-2480 battery) with i3-330M Core Duo processor, Core-frequency technology makes the performance of popular expectations, and uses NVIDIA's new GeForce 310M graphics card, have a very good price-performance ratio.


Asus 90-NHA2B1000 battery of the exterior design fashion generous cap with black ABS plastic, lightweight and sturdy, and joined the Infusion process, the overall style, there is a bit stable fashion. With 16-inch 16:9 LED backlit LCD screen, and in the top of the screen embedded in a 2 million pixel camera. Bottom of the screen function keys have a blue background light, the use of very beautiful at night.

Asus a32-a8 battery configuration Intel Core i7 720QM has a processor, hp strong. Standard Memory 4GB high speed memory, 1TB hard drive massive, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 240M high-performance discrete graphics card allows you to surf on the audio and video in the world blossoms. And built-in stereo speakers, sound more exciting. Built-in 1000Mbps Ethernet card supports 802.11n wireless protocol.

Asus 90-n951b1100 battery with Intel Core i7 720QM processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M high-performance discrete graphics, high-speed memory, massive hard drive, performance, powerful, games, look up to people in a timely manner.

Lenovo Y550P-ISE (F)

Lenovo Y550P-ISE (Lenovo 02K6612 battery) machine using a black-based colors, surfaces Infusion printing technology, stylish and durable, gray interior of the keyboard design, keyboard, around the same deal with the gray, black and white color in sharp contrast to make machine look jump up even more dynamic. 15.6 inches LED screen, to give you a broader perspective.

In the configuration, Lenovo Fru 42t4511 battery uses the latest high-end Intel Core i7 720QM quad-core processors, using PM55 chipset, standard 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB hard drive large reserves of 512M of video memory NVIDIA Geforce GT 240M graphics card, built-in DVD burner, Windows 7 Home Premium operating system pre-installed.

Lenovo Fru 42t5206 battery using intel Core i7 720QM new quad-core processor, NVIDIA Geforce GT 240M graphics card, 15.6 inch screen, bring you the most powerful feelings, to meet the entertainment needs of your work.

Dell 15 (S511041CN)

Dell 15 (Dell 310-9123 battery) shape will extend Dell's consistent fashion design, elegant style. Cap color options, a total of fresh cool black, tender pink, midnight blue, Putao Zi, ruby red, light green and other colors can be replaced Xpress. LED bright screen with 15.6 inches, maximum resolution of 1366 × 768, and in the top of the screen built into a 2 million-pixel camera, easy to contact at any time.

Configuration, Dell 15 (Dell 312-0427 battery) comes standard with Intel Core i7 720QM high-performance processors, to the books a strong heart. 4GB DDR3 High-speed memory, 500GB high-capacity hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card, to the books easy to deal with office entertainment. Built-in DVD burner, double-layer support reading and writing.

Dell 15 (Dell 312-0575 battery) using Intel Core i7 720QM processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card, with a total weight is only 2.515Kg, and come preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium, interested friends can look at the.

Monday, January 11, 2010

MSI notebook shipments will jump 50%

Acer Aspire One Battery was reported by Hui Cheung, chairperson of MSI, said recently that MSI notebook shipments in 2010 compared to last year's increase rate more than 50%, one machine will also have 50-100% of the strong growth performance.

Hui Cheung said MSI notebook shipments in the first half of last year,HP 2133 Mini Pc Battery despite the serious impact of inventory shortages, but by a strong performance in the second half of MSI is still to achieve profitability, MSI brand notebook shipments have already exceeded last year.

As can not be like level notebook makers, as in several new models will be able to achieve a significant increase in volume, MSI plans to launch more this year, notebook models in different configurations to correspond to the needs of the relevant user groups. MSI notebook with Acer Travelmate 8000 Battery in the Taiwan market, shipments proportion was 4:1, which sent last year's total 20-30 million units, Hui Cheung-one machine that the education market will have a bigger demand.

However, Hui Cheung also said panels, hard drives, memory and GPU and different components of the supply shortage will have their plans and quotations PC shipments there is the potential impact.

MSI displayed at CES, held in a 3D one machine, and plans to launch 1,000 dollar price of 3D notebook.