Friday, May 22, 2009

Fujitsu S6420V notebook graphics card business

Fujitsu S3 graphics card with Fujitsu models S6420V. S3 Fujitsu again and cooperation, for example business notebook is the beginning of a new era. S3 graphics features of the independent-power integrated graphics and similar, but the performance is superior to integrated graphics, the cost would not affect many.

The Fujitsu S6420V continued in the design of the classic series S6420 thin and light business style, has carried on Fujitsu rigorous temperament, excellent workmanship and superior product quality. Body through the design of simple geometric lines, defined edges and corners, giving the strong safety, Da-qi feeling of calm.

Allocation, this used Fujitsu S6420V Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8400, FSB 1066MHz, frequency to 2.26GHz, 3M's front side bus. 2GB memory, 250G hard drive, DVD Super Multi double-layer burner to meet the storage needs of different users. In addition, 13-inch design, with the S3 graphics screen independent of the actual results very well, weighing about 1.9kg.

Interface includes a microphone interface, audio interface, VGA, Bluetooth, fingerprint, camera, etc., are very rich. Greatly enhance the user experience of applications and application quality.


Light and easy to carry independent S3 graphics cards

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