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Queen's counsel recommended notebook

Notebook computers have become a lawyer in dealing with day-to-day affairs and an indispensable tool. So, what kind of laptop is suitable for lawyers? First of all, security and stability from the point of view, business is a good choice, business of the calm atmosphere is also very suitable for the appearance of professional lawyers. Configuration need not be very powerful, but performance must be stable. In order to protect data security recommendations of the operating system to use this version of vista Although there are many places we are not accustomed to but also a lot of software but vista is not compatible with the safety factor should be much higher than XP. Battery life should be enough time to debate in the courts can not strike a finished battery. Based on the above points, editing on a lawyer to raise objections to the recommendation of several friends notebook for your reference.

Dell XPS M1330

       Dell XPS Since its launch, has been located in the high-end, with good design and workmanship, as well as the appearance of compact fashion, winning a lot of friends love. Today to tell you about the Dell XPS M1330 (Inspiron 7000 Series Battery) used notebook Core 2 Duo T6400 processor, the appearance of precious stones red, classic black and pearl white three color options.

The appearance of areas: Dell XPS M1330 are crimson, black-hyun, such as those pearl white color, bright Can three-dimensional surface, like ceramic paint manufacturing process; the overall impression is very fashion, avant-garde feeling. Screen area: 13.3-inch screen, the standard resolution of 1280 × 800.

Configuration: Dell XPS M1330 using Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 processor (frequency 2GHz, 2 cache 2MB, FSB 800MHz), Intel PM965 chipset motherboard, 2G memory, 160G hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS significant independence, DVD burner, Windows Vista Home Basic pre-installed operating system.

Interface areas: Dell XPS M1330 has a 2 × USB2.0, ExpressCard, 1 × VGA, 1 × HDMI, 1 × IEEE1394, RJ-45, stereo input, headphone / speaker output (x2), dual digital array microphone, an external modem USB interface, error correction parameters of 8-in-1 memory card reader mobile.

HP 541 (NE808PA)

HP 541 listed for a very long time, with ultra-high sales price has been right. It uses Intel Core 2 Duo T5670 processor, 2G RAM and 250G hard disk sufficient to meet the day-to-day use.

HP 541 (Omnibook Xe Series Battery)) using the HP 540 with the same mold, black spray paint, composite materials made from the fuselage to give the feeling of steady business. Equipped with 14.1-inch wide-screen, the largest resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. Body size of 338.0 × 246.4 × 30.8mm, the body weight of 2.27Kg.

Configuration: HP 541 (NE808PA) using Intel Core 2 Duo T5670 processor (1800MHz frequency, 2048KB cache, 800MHz bus frequency), Intel PM965 + ICH8M notebook chipset, 2G RAM, 250 hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon X1350, DVD burner.

Interface areas: HP 541 (NE808PA)) have three USB 2.0 ports, ExpressCard, VGA port, VGA port, stereo microphone input port, stereo headphone / line-out port, power connector, RJ-11 / modem port, RJ-45 / Ethernet interface, integrated card reader. Networking: 56K modem, 100Mbps LAN, support 802.11b / g (54Mbps) wireless protocol.

ThinkPad T400 2765CQ8 notebook

Thinkpad t40 Series Battery business in this field in a very high reputation. I recently learned from the distributor, model for the ThinkPad T400-2767-ME2 notebook is engaged in marketing, sales price during the 14,000 yuan, not only the gift wrap original mouse, but also presented 250G HDD, interested friends may wish to get in touch with the dealer.

The appearance of areas: Lenovo ThinkPad T400-2767-ME2 notebook-type carbon fiber-reinforced plastic with a magnesium alloy materials, not only has the appearance of black business, small shells are more robust, more excellent heat dissipation. Screen, using a small LED screen TFT WXGA material shows clearly the effect of sharp picture quality is also very wrong.

Configuration: Lenovo ThinkPad T400-2767-ME2 using the Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 processor, frequency 2530MHz, 3072KB cache, 1066MHz system bus frequency, with chipsets IntelPM45 + ICH9M, 3GBDDR3 standard memory, 320G hard drive, graphics cards, the use of the Intel GMA 4500MHD and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 switch and dual-graphics technology, built-in DVD burner, Windows Vista Business Edition pre-installed operating system

Interface: ThinkPad T400-2767-ME1 including 3 × USB2.0, IEEE1394, 1 × VGA, 1 × RJ-11, 1 × RJ-45, docking station port, 1 × ExpressCard as well as the reader; network notebook 10/100/1000M Adaptive Ethernet card built with Intel Wifi Link 5300AGN 802.11a/g/n (3 × 3) wireless card. Life, the small core of the use of 9 lithium batteries, notebook weighs 2.3Kg.

Lenovo Ideapad V450A-TFO

NV Geforce G 105M alone are configured in a number of significantly higher cost-effective models, the Lenovo Ideapad V450A-TFO with this on a cost-effective graphics.

3000 g400 Series Battery case the light weave texture used to deal with, and maintain a good feel. 14.1TFT LCD wide-screen machine, the standard resolution of 1280 × 800, above the 1.3 million-pixel screen, support for the security features easy-to-use face recognition. Reached a whole weight 2.35KG, good portability.

Configured, the Lenovo IdeaPad Jan V450A-TFO-day notebook using the Pentium dual-core T4200 processor, Intel PM45 chipset motherboard, 802.11b / g wireless LAN module, Bluetooth 2.0 module; have 2GB DDR3 memory, 320GB hard drive, DVD burner drive; 512MB of memory independent NV Geforce G 105M graphics; pre-installed Windows Vista Home Basic operating system.

Interface areas: Lenovo Ideapad V450A-TFO have 3 USB2.0 interface, Express Card interface, VGA port, RJ11, RJ45, full anti-noise microphone array, to support the three-dimensional sound of the headphone jack / audio output interface 1394, and more All-in-One Card Reader (SD / MMC, xD, MS, MS pro, SD Pro), support for Bluetooth. Networking: 56K modem, 100Mbps LAN, Intel5100AGN.

New thin and light 13-inch Acer 3810T

Aspire 9400 Series Battery has been listed since the high degree of concern, which is also a drop lower and lower prices. Acer 3810T uses low-power Intel Core 2 Duo processor SU3500 monocytes, with up to 8 hours of endurance, like'll pay close attention to the friends.

Design, this Acer Aspire 3810T-351G25N a silver brushed metal design, a whole not only very fashionable, but also has a strong flavor of the times, but not the lack of business sense, no sense of low-cost notebooks. And the interior, the new Acer Aspire 3810T-351G25N notebook follows the C surface A surface design, while the B side of a matte black design, some all the more steady. Also this notebook has also been adopted chocolate keyboard keycap make greater use of comfort has been enhanced.

Hardware configuration, the Acer Timeline 3810T-351G25N is equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo low-power single-core SU3500, up to 8 hours of endurance capacity, energy efficiency has a very good effect. Motherboard with the Intel GM45 + ICH9M, graphics card is the X4500 integrated graphics, the general overall performance. In addition the standard 1G DDR3 generation of memory and 250G hard drive, built-in double-layer DVD burner drive, basically meet the needs of office users.

Interface, the Acer Timeline 3810T-351G25N very thin due to the fuselage, both sides of the interface seems very tight. About 2 to configure the USB interface 3. Also provided additional native HDMI output interface, audio interface and card reader is located at the front of books; network, laptop with built-10-100-1000M and 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN card and configure the Bluetooth module .

Samsung Q320-AS02

Recently, Samsung introduced a new mold design 13-inch notebook fashion products: Samsung Q320-AS02, not only equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8600, but with the latest independent graphics nVIDIA GeForce G105M, the overall configuration well-balanced.

V20 Series Battery mold a new design, shiny black paint with "no borders" mirror design more pleasing visual. In the case of the central panel bearing the "SAMSUNG" the silver-white logo, this black-and-white with showing a steady, beautiful use of the breath 16:9 screen production technology, LED-backlit display with a "titanium crystal screen panorama . "

Allocation: Samsung Q320 Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8600, frequency is 2.4MHz, nVIDIA GeForce G 105M graphics card, Intel PM45 chipset; standard 2GB of memory, 320G hard drive; specular highlight screen 13.4 inches , 6-cell lithium-ion battery, Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed operating system.

Interface: 3 × USB2.0, HDMI, eSATA, RJ45, Bluetooth 2.0 technology, 1.3 million camera, three-in-one card reader, voice input, voice output hole, DC power jack, security keyhole.

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