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Popular Japanese brand notebook inventory

Preface: the concept of branding people since ancient times, but had not previously so named, but called "Font Size." Who is not doing business you can be recognized as number, only those time-temper, is still widely recognized shops, was only known as the font size. From the present, almost every manufacturers have claimed to do is to brand, products are brand-name products, I believe that these so-called brand, is only "brands" only. After decades of baptism is not, brand can not be transformed into a brand. Simple chatted on brand awareness, will brief you following what is arguably the brand's Japanese notebook makers.
Japanese markets its products worldwide, but the development of the market conditions in various countries vary, the domestic market and the Japanese mainland than the difference between brand awareness is very large, because at present there are licensed to sell the domestic-brand notebooks in Japan only Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu , as well as the Internet companies of workers in this round. In mainland Japan, Matsushita, NEC, Sharp and other brand notebook sales, these brands are not worse than the Sony. But for whatever reason, the current domestic market is unable to buy, so today's article, we can only introduce stores in the country through informal channels to buy the Japanese notebooks.
In view of the brand in the domestic care workers, only to UMPC product management, brand awareness is also not work with Toshiba, Sony, Fujitsu, compared with such a veteran vendor, so we chose today for the three major brands, the two products, including a section of this notebook, as well as an Internet access. Sony notebook wins in brand appeal, because the Sony is the world's most well-known Japanese companies in China already enjoys popular support, various types of advertising is very infectious. Toshiba notebook is the world's first notebook manufacturer, is a pioneer in the industry, product line rich and reasonably priced. Fujitsu is the second ThinkPad, the global high-end business notebook navigator, the production line in Japan, China, the quality of the mark, while the pricing is very high.
Today, I will introduce models include: Sony VGN-CS3CTO, Sony VAIO P VGN-P17H, Toshiba Satellite M507, Toshiba Satellite NB201, Fujitsu Lifebook S6420V-ACS0D10127, Fujitsu M1010B.
Recommended products: Sony VGN-CS3CTO
Sony's books has always been based on high-priced and high quality to attract high-end consumer demand, therefore, Sony Vgp-bps2 battery has always been a large number of books up to people's essential fashion choice. First, I will introduce an alternative product in the Sony laptop, Sony VGN-CS3CTO. Be called the field of aircraft equipped with top-T9600 notebook processor, the Sony notebook products in the sequence is a unique high-end configuration, can be considered cost-effective breakthrough Sony consistent product positioning.
This books uses a combination of classic and fashion black frosted design, filled with glossy UV coating covers the entire body; attractive appearance to be more attracted the attention of consumers, and in surrounding contact with at all corners and shaft using smooth handling, filling grace and elegance in the breeze.
Hardware configuration, the Sony Vgp-bps3 battery equipped with a powerful performance of Intel Core Duo processor T9600 (clocked at 2800MHZ, 6144MB 2 cache, 1066MHz bus frequency), the performance is very high. The 3G memory and 320G hard disk, occupy a larger advantage. nVidia Geforce 9300M GS alone significantly, in the entertainment video has a good performance, has been able to compare high-definition video playback smooth. Overall performance is still good.
Recommended products: Sony VAIO P VGN-P17H
Although we all know that Sony's notebook products as a whole more expensive, but the launch of notebook product is indeed designed to have many advantages, so they still can get a lot of attention and buying friends. Relatively cost-effective is not very high, but the appearance is fashionable to invincible Sony VAIO P VGN-P17H,Sony Vgp-bps4 battery is still very much sought-after, showing that the Japanese visual-kei electronic products, has a very broad mass base.
Appearance, this Sony VAIO P VGN-P17H uses the Heixia silver design, the figure can be seen from the books used in this screen is how elongated. As the Sony VAIO P VGN-P17H height restrictions, not only failed to complete the mouse touchpad, the change in the use of a similar point with the ThinkPad red rocker; another camera can also design to the upper right corner of the screen area of the.
The left side of the fuselage, the Sony Vgp-bps5 battery also features a power supply interface, a USB interface and a headphone jack. In front of the fuselage, the Sony VAIO P VGN-P17H also designed to configure the card reader, wireless switch, power switch, and multiple lights.
The hardware configuration, this Sony VAIO P VGN-P17H uses Atom Z530 1.60GHz processor, and the more mainstream N270 series, Z530 power consumption and heat are lower and more suitable for use in the ultra-thin and light notebooks. The board also adopted a more low-power single-chip design, integrated GMA 500 graphics core. The other books is also equipped with 2GB memory and 60GB hard drive, other countries such as wireless LAN, Bluetooth and other functions is also readily available. And in such a powerful configuration, this Sony VAIO P VGN-P17H is also ultra-light weight of only 620g.
Recommended products: Toshiba Satellite M507
Toshiba's product strategy and Sony are obviously different, as Sony did not just targeted at high-end fashion crowd, although there are a large number of high-end products, but as the world's most veteran notebook manufacturers, Toshiba product line positioning a comprehensive. However, many of my friends still prefer the Toshiba's high-end products, because the essence of Japanese products only in the high-end products have expressed with force.
Toshiba pa3734u-1brs battery is not a long time to market, with Core 2 Duo P8700 processor with ATI HD4570 graphics card, 2GB memory and 500GB hard drive standard, listed Price 8,200 yuan. From the exterior point of view, exterior design of Toshiba Satellite M507 is a surprise, the roof panel using membrane transfer technology to gentle embellishment pattern Addict panel, so that machine is more Lin-Xuan luster, tranquil and elegant in revealing temperament. In addition, its use of a unique crystal-hyun color without borders gilt design, cutting-edge fashion design to expose the line more smoothly with the fuselage graceful, quiet and beautiful.
As a model for audio-visual entertainment, rich interface is very necessary, Toshiba pa3383u-1brs battery has done well in this area can be described as a variety of interfaces readily available, the aircraft also comes with a 1.3 million pixel camera, Bluetooth V2 .1 + EDR, face recognition function and fingerprint recognition. Of particular concern is that, ECO application of energy-saving mode for Toshiba Satellite M507 introduces the concept of green environmental protection. Only need to touch the green ECO shortcut keys, energy management program can reduce power consumption. In addition, more TOSHIBA eco Utility software can be set accordingly, view the power consumption statistics, easy to achieve energy conservation management.
Recommended products: Toshiba Satellite NB201
Toshiba and Sony products online compared to the more fitting the domestic market price, with the majority of domestic manufacturers similar products. In fact, the price of products, Toshiba online or workmanship of this in terms of configuration, the advantage is not obvious, the only appeal left is the brand of.
Context in appearance, this toshiba pa3399u-1bas battery adopted a new A surface decoration style - "Toffee Gold forging yarn pattern" from the color between the brown and chocolate in between the rich color, so people get think of delicious "toffee", together with the rules of the ramp Yin lines visual effects for the whole books considered as "eye candy" in a series of Internet access among the very rare, very beautiful fashion.
Interface connection, this Toshiba Satellite NB201 ( pa3478u-1bas battery) of the complete machine interface is relatively complete, with three USB 2.0 interfaces, respectively, 1 × VGA, 1 × RJ45, 1 group headphone output and microphone input port, Kensington lock slot, and SD + SDHC card reader. Network, 10/100M Ethernet, Atheros 802.11g wireless and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR equipped, I believe that to meet the needs of the vast majority of the user's data connection to use.
Recommended products: Fujitsu Lifebook S6420V-ACS0D10127
If we say that Sony has always positioned home, entertainment, fashion, then the position Fujitsu fpcbp79 battery is pure business products. In Japan, Fujitsu, known as "Japan's IBM", I believe that this title is not unreasonable. The current global notebook market, focusing on high-end business notebook brand is also the only Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard and other manufacturers of the few.
Designs, this Fujitsu Lifebook S6420V-ACS0D10127, and there is not much fancy the design of the whole only gray matte black design, but the lines are even more serious and tough atmosphere. And Fujitsu fpcbp83 battery is a 13-inch books used in the design, though not full-featured built-in optical drive configurations, but carefully designed, machine weights just 1.9Kg in control and can be designed to drive through the removal of hot-pluggable making books even more portable.
Recommended products: Fujitsu M1010B
As a world's first "shell" wearing-for-style 8.9-inch access to this computer, Fujitsu M1010B excellent workmanship, configure the mainstream Atom N270 processor, integrated Intel GMA950 graphics card, 1GB of memory standard, while the machine weight only about 1kg, fpcbp63 battery is very portable. M1010 series offers a variety of colors small shell, today, this Fujitsu M1010B aurora white main colors used, the unique shell is more transparent so that the family photos, children graffiti masterpiece or enterprise master LOGO can be placed in the shell, DIY equipment, their own personality and create the Internet in this of the "facelift revolution." B side is applied a black border design, in sharp contrast with the background, while the C side of the keypad is still a white dominated, the overall look is very fashionable.
Configuration, Lifebook s2000 battery with mainstream Intel Atom N270 processor, a nominal frequency of 1.6GHz, with Intel 945GSE + ICH7-M chipset, integrated Intel GMA950 graphics; storage, 1GB memory and 60GB hard drive standard ; the screen, the use of bright 8.9-inch LED-backlit screen, a resolution of 1280 × 800; the present pre-loaded with Genuine Windows XP Home Edition operating system. Interface, Fujitsu M1010B offers two USB2.0 interface, an Express Card expansion slot, VGA port, RJ45, voice input, voice output hole, DC power jack, and security keyhole so.

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