Friday, March 12, 2010

Lenovo Y460

     Lenovo notebook computers are familiar friends certainly not unacquainted to the sturdy small y, this sturdy notebook in 2009, swept the country, Lenovo 3ur18650f-2-qc186 battery is even more popular as a fashion term. Into the year 2010, Lenovo introduced a force once again issued an upgraded version of the small y Lenovo y460(Lenovo Fru 42t4542 battery), Lenovo y460 and y450 configuration compared to a more powerful, Lenovo Y460A adopted Core i3, Core Duo processor and ATI5650 alone i5 explicit, the performance is very sturdy.

Appearance: the new listings ideapad Y460 thin and light design that weighs just 2.2kg, the thickness of 340 x 235 x 20 ~ 32.8mm. Shell: the Lenovo Y460 in a stylish Chinese-style design, Lenovo ideapad y460 using a 14.1-inch mirror LCD screen, 16:9, solution is still 1366 x 768.

Configuration: Y460 using Intel's latest processors, i series, there i3, i5 two kinds of models optional; graphics card upgrade to ATI's HD 4650 and HD 5650 supports DX11, dual graphics switching; support TSI acceleration technology, joined the SSD, the boot time by 50%, only about 30 seconds. Up to four-core CPU, 4GB memory, large, DDR3 1333 memory speed, hard drive large area equipped with a 320G 7200rpm hard drive, Y460 is also furnished with LED crystal sharp screen and JBL audio, visual and hearing, the experience will be even more perfect.

    Interface: the Lenovo Y460 is equipped with three USB2.0 interface, an e-SATA and USB-integrated interface, 34mm specifications Express-Card slot, power jack, security keyhole and a set of audio I / O Interface

As a new ideapad series of products, Lenovo ideapad y460 productions in the existing products have been greatly upgraded configuration is also thinner and lighter appearance of the day, but Lenovo's unique acceleration technologies and zipper TIS functions also made by adding more stylish Lenovo ideapad y460(Lenovo FRU 92P1184 battery) .

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