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Notebook during the first half of FY

A short history of the development of a computer this year, claim to be absolutely extraordinary year for 3G in notebooks from the domestic to the countryside to the computer from the Internet to CULV, Yukon such a low-power platform, from Adamo, T400s to Alienware ... ... It can be said that each incident, each technology or product can each set off a boom industry.

● 16 inch entertainment the ultimate thin and light - Lenovo Ideapad Y650

     With the current mainstream of the large size of the different games, 16-inch Ideapad Y650 is more like a video entertainment center as well as the brand's first 16-inch notebooks.

     Hardware specifications, Y650 Intel Core 2 Duo processor and PM45 chipset, high-capacity hard drives and memory, and provide optional WiMax wireless technology. Interface, it provides 6-one card reader, two USB2.0 interface, RJ45 interface, VGA port and HDMI, to meet the needs of high-definition video output. At the same time, 3000 Y410A SERIES Battery is also equipped with a well-known brands of JBL speakers, focus on strengthening the audio-visual experience.

     Another local place where the color lies in the fact that a 16-inch products, Lenovo has done it 2.58Kg, and the thickness of only 26.7mm, the shame of some 15-inch products (under the picture with the light of the 13 inches apple comparison), I do not want to classify areas in the light of this, but it does give people the feeling of lightness neat.

     Product Comments: CES show in 2009 we have seen this "thinnest Department is only 1 inch ultra-thin notebook," so that this 16-inch Lenovo products and audio-visual integration of the concept of a thin, even though this machine did not Y450 and sales as high as U350, but it definitely could be described as thin and light industry products of large-size model.

● the first platform for AMD Yukon notebook - HP Pavilion DV2

     As the first platform with AMD Yukon products, Pavilion DV2 is ultra-thin HP products a general line with the brand of the Internet Mini 2133/1000/2140 different, PM579A Battery is not limited to the characteristics of low power consumption, but also reflect the entertainment in a relatively strong performance.

     At CES2009 Consumer Electronics Show early next year, the average thickness of only 24mm this the 12-inch notebook is brighten, was awarded the best notebook products.

     HP Pavilion family of products is fashion design, one of its selling points, this has a moonlight HP Pavilion dv2 crystal white and black versions, body cap a popular piano baking process, a more robust selection of wear-resistant magnesium aluminum alloy material, the design of used HP Imprint pattern printed Yang mold, it can be said in the product appearance spent a lot of thought, and the subsequent sale of the DV3 is also used the same design, which reflect the cognitive degree is good.

     AMD Yukon has always been a platform for the performance of the media and the users focus of attention, through the 3DMark05 test results (1024 × 600 resolution) told us, ATI Radeon HD3410 graphics card independent of the actual performance on the VIA and Intel, VIA S3 Chrome9 HC about 8 times the graphics card is Intel GMA950 12 times, after all, is a ATI Radeon HD3410 graphics card, the Yukon platform to show the performance of the Internet than the absolute advantage of the possession.

     The single significant performance between the HD3200 and HD3450, and HD3470 mainstream NV9300 and gaps are still, after all, the market positioning Yukon platform with different PUMA platform, it has to pay attention to the performance of products will have to consider power consumption.

     Pass the test, whether they are players of high-definition 720P or 1080P video, ATI Radeon HD3410 graphics cards are able to do independent, processor occupancy rate of about 25%, but also through the HDMI interface will be high-definition video output to HDTV in the broadcast. For the time being, high-definition playback and 3D games more complicated is that many of the small low-power can not.

     Product Comments: Yukon platform with the HP Pavilion dv2 market gaps cut straight to low-cost, low-power to create "full PC functionality," the thin and light notebook PCs, thin end of the situation of low-energy high-priced products.

● Intel CULV platform first notebook - Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T

     Carried out in Computex09 ago, with Intel CULV platform (Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage) and few notebooks and, as we predicted before, CULV notebook platform at Computex Taipei this year, the full-blown, from multiple vendors all products CULV appearance, or even the threat of a price accessible to low-cost version of the traditional market, a time for low-power ultra-thin and light notebooks become the focus of discussion.

     Acer Aspire 1680 Series Battery is the world's first platform with Intel CULV notebook computers, Acer Timeline series is 13 inches thin and light products. According to official said that the series be the "first use of the 8-hour charge," the ultra-long life, while ensuring that the thin body, and even a call for "Time = Weight ^ 3" (= the weight of the battery life of the cubic ) slogan.

     CULV processor features the most significant is that ultra-low power consumption, the product has been released, the dual-core SU9600 (a frequency of 1.6GHz) power consumption of only 10W, while the Acer Aspire 3810T monocyte used SU3500 (a frequency of 1.4 GHz) power consumption is only 5.5W, both in performance and power consumption is different from the next table, we can see that with CULV notebook processor SU9600 even have reached the level of dual-core Pentium, while the power is less than one-third of the latter.

     Acer official information that the greatest endurance test of time more than eight hours, or even up to nine hours, of course, this is often only a very idealized laboratory testing data. Our test is more real, more close to practical use. The actual test, using BatteryMark, the measured life time of 6 hours 34 minutes. Can be assumed that about six basic equivalent of a half-hour work day, the effective time.

     Follow-up in our range of high-definition playback tests with Intel CULV The Acer Aspire 3810T platform running about five hours 29 minutes (329 minutes total) to stop working just to enter the standby mode, with satisfactory results.

     Product Comments: With the notebook computer more and more pieces of hardware update speed, performance, race has been run out of control. It is undeniable that the capacity of notebook computers has always been the life of the areas of concern, CULV provides a low-power solutions for the office, as the first products of the platform, Aspire Timeline 3810T extraordinary significance.

● the most avant-garde of the sky - Dell Alienware M17x

     Judging from the formation, Alienware is obvious from the "Alien" and "Ware" evolved compound words, means "alien device." In our minds, all with the "sky" nothing things that are full of magic colors, this Dell Inspiron 1100 Series Battery in the domestic launch of the first Alienware notebook is no exception.

     Whether it is silver or black color mix of the sui generis angular design, the atmosphere gives a feeling of Hard and put together by friends of the majority of the image of the king.

     GHz quad-core 2.53GHz processor, 1GB memory card NVIDIA GeForce GTX260M independent ... ... believe that "aliens" will bring fantastic entertainment experience.

     In order to resist the invasion of the outside world, "alien" Alienware M17x shell of the fuselage using anodic aluminum oxide material, after processing Anti-oxidation, anti-extrusion Flexibility and performance than the general use of strong ABS material many of the notebook, the other with a matte texture handle delicate materials of the alloy, the temperature test, the performance of its good thermal efficiency.

     C whole keyboard surface is undoubtedly the best play the role of looting, not only depends on the personality keycap font and color, and its colorful backlight design wow so many people clapping, and traditional compared to white keyboard backlight, Alienware M17x all the more lively fashion, filled with the breath of life.

    Product Comment: Needless to say, Alienware M17x is a master of the products, cutting-edge design, choose the easy way out, as well as the details of his bold ideas become popular in the enthusiast gaming products.

● the first dual mobile workstation - ThinkPad W700DS

     W500 and W700 series are the latest ThinkPad mobile workstation class notebook computer, which is a W700DS dual 17-inch notebook computers,Thinkpad t40 battery is not only the first dual-screen design of the ThinkPad, so far the world's first dual - screen mobile workstation.

     In the United States in 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on this as the "monster" of the first dual-screen mobile workstation caused great concern in the industry. With T, R, X series different is that this 17-inch ThinkPad unprecedented visual impact, perhaps we can not use "black" name ThinkPad W700DS, it is now the world's largest of its ThinkPad notebooks computer.

     It is true that the above ideas are good, if you just want to meet the high-end products possessive, then ThinkPad W700DS This is not necessarily the best option. However, in the eyes of a number of professional users, far more than the significance of dual such that it can for the workstation graphics designers operate more portable, to some extent, improve their productivity, I believe this is the dual design of the ThinkPad W700DS concept.

     The machine integrates an Department size of 120cm × 80cm for the WACOM tablet to tie in with the use of inductive stylus. Editor found in the use of the stylus through close follow-up of small hand movements nib can reproduce the "exploration", "hair", "hesitant" and other emotional operations, the realization of the handwriting input is full of emotion.

     As a professional mobile workstations, graphic design staff in order to enable the use of color was accurate, ThinkPad W700DS on the display is optimized, embedded in the local Department a color correction, and we can drive through it huey pro software , a combination of hardware and software to provide users with a professional color calibration function.

     Product Comments: For such a professional-level mobile workstations, perhaps we can not configure how high, how strong the performance or the price of your how to evaluate it. Designed to create value to the user, dual-screen bring a better user experience, but also to some extent, improved the productivity of designers, high stability, and less noise to the user to create a good working environment .

● 8 inch 0.59Kg cool fashion computer bags - Sony VAIO P

     Last year, Pcga-bp2v battery can be said that the Internet this year, as opposed to 10 inches of hot products, Sony announced the beginning of CES on undoubtedly VAIO P is an alternative, it is only 8-inch screen, the resolution is as high as 1600 × 768 pixels, aspect ratio is close to 2:1, although the performance is not outstanding, but its revolutionary design has successfully captured the eyes of many of my friends, was called "the most will sell" products.

     Sony VGN-P17H / Q using 8-inch wide-screen design, equipped with Intel's Z530-ling action processor (Silverthorne core / 1.6GHz frequency / 512KB cache / 533MHz FSB), Intel SCH US15W chipset, 2GB DDR2 memory, 1.8-inch 4200 to 60GB hard drive and Intel GMA500 integrated graphics, the overall configuration and the current mainstreaming of the Internet there are some differences.

     Reading the beginning of the year for our interaction-mail ( received a group of friends made to the photos, e-mail out is the theme of "VAIO P operator个啥", message content is the two "cottage version of" The VAIO P ad photos, the people's imagination is unlimited, I believe we all are "mine" before.

     Product Comments: to imitate not only limited to friends, many firms have products that manufacturers follow the example of VAIO P, Sony's new ultra-portable package has been small as a culture, hovering at between fashion and IT sector.

● flagship business of the ultra-thin - ThinkPad T400s

     With a relatively high stability and security, THINKPAD T60 SERIES Battery has always been the love of pet business, in June this year, Lenovo's new conference was held in Beijing, the introduction of the most thin and light ThinkPad T Series notebooks - ThinkPad T400s.

     Our ThinkPad T Series the perfect balance of performance and characteristics of portable, 14.1-inch portable ThinkPadT400s more in achieving a successful leap. Its ultra-light and thin, the thickness of only 21.1 millimeters, less than the starting weight of 1.77 kilograms, the next picture shows the T400 (under) and T400s (on) the thickness of contrast.

     And R, X, W and SL series as compared to 14 inches of the ThinkPad T series to the mainstream performance and relatively comprehensive security as a selling point. We can see that, although T400s more light than the T400, but still have a roll cage design, hard disk crash protection safety features, and for most business users, the hardware does not compromise the performance significantly.

     According to official data, ThinkPad T400s with 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo processor, optional 128GB SSD or 250GB hard drive, 9.5mm ultra-thin DVD burner or Blu-ray drive and support the multi-point touch, WiFi (optional WiMAX, WWAN , Bluetooth, UWB), 34mm expansion card slot or 5-one card reader, VGA output, DisplayPort output, USB2.0 interface.

     Editorial point of view: Although some decline in performance, but totally ignore the ThinkPad T400s the T series of heavy body than the lack of Core 2 Duo processor SP office to meet the needs of day-to-day is not a problem; in the light of respect, perhaps we should be It is 14 inches as the "ThinkPad X300", as a portable high-end notebook business a choice.

● 3DMark record holder laptop - ASUS W90VP

     Using laptop computers to play games, the long-standing dispute between the Friends in this topic from time to time to be moved to the table. Edit friends are also two very different attitude, a strong resistance, have a positive long for. I look on with a laptop to do depends on the user's needs, often outside the office of a friend recommended you choose to set a significant commercial product, and for the emphasis on portability and entertainment properties for the purchase of single-player this is a significant the right choice, of course, the pursuit of many top quality players you can buy top-level configuration DIY desktop or notebook computer.

     Core 2 Duo T9600 processor, Intel X38 chipset, 6GB DDR3 memory, Blu-ray drive, 640GB hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 × 2 graphics cards, as well as 18.4 inches high-resolution 1920 × 1080 LCD, ASUS has a W90VP an enviable set of hardware configuration.

     Whether Intel PM45, NVIDIA MCP79 or AMD M780G, the past, we have a common basic notebook chipsets are two memory slots, and this ASUS is equipped with a top game of the Intel X38 chipset, the first 3 to support DDR3 memory . As far as we know, although the chipset only supports dual channel memory, but has W90VP capacity to 6GB, greatly improving the operating efficiency and, of course, the machines also come preloaded with 64-bit operating system Windows vista.

     Another world record from the card, tested, with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 × 2 is very rapid, 3Dmark06 test in 1024 × 768 resolution over 15,000 points scored in the 1920 × 1080 resolution are close to 15,000 points, notebook graphics cards is by far the highest score.

     Product Comments: EEE PC 900 Battery is the performance of mobile devices in the entertainment one of the strongest products, the top of the hardware configuration is sufficient to stimulate adrenaline game enthusiasts, the performance of laptop computers belonging to the extreme at this stage of the product.

● ultra-thin alloy ultra-thin notebook - DELL Adamo

     Adamo, a community that is both strange and familiar with the product, if not through the media, it is difficult in the electronic market to find it. Adamo neither is the world's lightest 13 inches products, it is not the thinnest 13-inch products, but we still remember its name.

     Adamo was in, the performance of Dell's design team unique design concept, including all-metal fuselage drawing, unique glass + metal screen cover, no frame design gives a new visual experience.

     When you first see Adamo will be shocked by its ultra-thin design. Dell 1691P Battery is really too thin, and thin was unbelievable. 13 inches in the notebook, there are three top-level notebooks, including Apple's Air, ThinkPad X301, Samsung X360, which the Air thickness of 19.3 millimeters (the thickness of the main part), X301 for 19 mm thickness of -23 mm, X360 thickness of 16.7 - 30.4 millimeters, while the thickness of the main Adamo only 16.63 millimeters (host + screen), the maximum thickness of the back is only 16.57 (not including the screen thickness) mm. Adamo This means that the average thickness of 13 inches may be the smallest of notebooks.

     Adamo was in you can not find a machine screw, because the use of the card button Adamo no screw design, screw no longer need to fix, this is probably the surrealism of a reflection.

     Product Comments: From the product side, the notebook in order to attract a "critical minority groups," the eye, or may have the ultimate performance, or in exceptional design skills, and clearly belongs to the latter Adamo.

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