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The ultimate visual experience today recommended the most stylish laptop

Living in today's fashion trends, it is not just satisfied with the status quo, more people prefer to pursue the quest for a perfect life style. Many of my friends to buy notebooks in time pay more attention to fashion beautiful notebooks. Have such a notebook to accompany you, everyone will become more and more beautiful, vibrant. Now, more and more color with this stylish notebook is young and healthy from fashion to meet the group's youthful vitality and taste trends. Have a fashion color colorful notebooks will have a heart, let your colorful life from now on.
  In the notebook market in the notebook color is always so high-profile, time exudes an attractive atmosphere. Brilliant color, the appearance of new, fashionable style, good performance at all times display a group of publicity fashion personality, young people live life music. Influx of women, whether or can be carried out according to their own preferences to choose the most personality the most stylish notebooks. Color charming appearance, beautiful elegant design your life to bring more color, the friends who are interested in it to act quickly.

  The most stylish Toshiba notebook
  Toshiba 2009 summer conference New Core "Chi alone art show" at the meeting, Toshiba PA3107U-1BAS Battery released a new 5 Series, one of which is the Toshiba Portege M900 series, the series uses the latest Toshiba Mu yarn pattern design process, and is equipped with The latest independent ATI graphics cards, has been the scene of the media and audience acclaim. In order to allow more consumers to personally experience our latest products, the official launch of Toshiba Portege M901. Toshiba Portege M901 to Mu Ya yarn patterns soft touch comfort the soul. Presented by the unique three-dimensional texture patterns, so that panel can show a variety of soft light and deep sense of color and light. Three-dimensional painting process bring more wear-resistant, anti-skid properties to prevent fingerprint prints and elegant style to create a mobile commerce.
     Configuration: Toshiba Portege M901 platform using the latest Intel architecture, front side bus upgrade to 800MHz, with the frequency up to 2.1GHz of 64-bit Core Duo CPU-T6500, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card, 512MB of independent video memory , the largest 1278MB shared video memory; Intel GM45 chipset; 2GB memory, 320GB hard drive; 13.3 inches Hyun highlight color, DVD burner; Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed operating system.
  Interface: an Express card slot, a VGA interface, a HDMI interface, a multimedia card slot (SD, SDHC, xD, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro), 2 months USB2.0 interface, a USB2.0/eSATA two-in-one interface, one RJ45 interface, a microphone port, a headphone jack.
  Toshiba Portege M901-hyun highlighted the use of 13.3-inch color screen, by TOSHIBA CSV Super (Clear Super View), to enhance color performance, and reduce light reflection. Regardless of ambient light on how change will be a sharp picture of the effect of Mingyan; 320G (5400rpm) high speed of the SATA hard drive configurations, sufficient to meet the needs of a variety of storage; with a new generation of high-definition independent ATI graphics cards, memory up to 512M, strong image processing the ability to make video playback smooth and delicate. Fully meet the high-load 3D effects of the fluid showed that business even more exciting entertainment. Toshiba M901 lively interpretation of the rich mocha taste and elegant style, soft mocha brown color with the texture of the elegant patterns yarn Mu collisions, presenting fascinating style and interpretation of the new urban style of wave-off.
  The most stylish Acer notebook
  With the Acer launched the industry's first 16:9 screen "theater of the" - AS4935G, in order to meet the needs of ordinary users can also enjoy the "theater of the" need for macro? Recently launched entry-level position in the home "theater The "- Aspire 4735ZG. Acer Aspire 4735ZG the performance of its extraordinary performance, stylish design and quality value-for-money prices revolutionary audio-visual notebook computer will be well received by the majority of consumers.
Acer BTP-43D1 Battery using the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Mobile Intel PM45 with high-speed chip set, coupled with high-speed memory and massive hard drive for the computer to provide a strong driving force for the surging; the latest high-performance NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS graphics card full support for DirectX 10 and SM4.0, and supports H.264, VC-1, WMVHD, HD MPEG-2/DVD hardware video decoding, large games and entertainment, high-definition video and audio easy to get your fun.
  Interface aspects: 3 USB 2.0, ExpressCard, 6 in 1 card reader, HDMI, VGA, headphone / speaker / audio output port, RJ-45 Ethernet interface, RJ-11 Modem port, DC power supply interface (to connect AC power adapter), a microphone interface, audio input interface, eSATA interface.
   Acer Aspire 4735ZG equipped with 14-inch high-brightness LED backlight widescreen Lai mirror, not only as high as 30% energy saving, color more beautiful, but also has the best player for home theater gold ratio of 16:9, providing a perfect visual experience; through Acer video enhancement technology the signal can be a perfect 4:3 display in 16:9 widescreen on the LED; unique macro? Li Jing (CineCrystal) technology to provide a higher color saturation, color levels clearer, sharper picture quality; AcerAspire 4735ZG at the same time with optimized second-generation Dolby (Dolby Home Theater) home theater technology, to achieve a perfect 5.1-channel analog output, bringing a perfect audio-visual entertainment experience, so that anytime you feel the theater-class audio efficiency.
  The most stylish notebook MSI
     MSI X-Slim series of ultra-thin blade of the name we have already had today to recommend a very light notebook - MSI X340. X340 MSI 16:9 ratio of gold to adopt the best of the theater-level LED screens 13 inches and weighing only about 1.3 kilograms, whole thickness of about 1.98cm, the thinnest Department only 6mm, almost as thick ordinary coins! Whether a business meeting, or tourist office to go out and indoor,Wind u100 Batteries are the best for the user at any time the state will no longer allow the notebook to become a burden to go out, the real convenient to help users solve the needs of various applications, showing a perfect human.
     Allocation: the use of the X340 MSI Intel used the latest environmentally friendly ULV power CPU architecture, Intel Core 2 Duo processor SU3500 monocytes, Intel GS45 + ICH9M-SFF chipset, Intel GMA X4500 integrated graphics; 2GB memory, 320GB hard disk; 13 inches 16:9 widescreen LED, weight only about 1.3 kilograms; pre-installed Windows Vista Home Premium operating system.
     Interface: 2 × USB2.0, ExpressCard, 2 in 1 card reader (SD / MMC), VGA, HDMI, RJ45, headphone / microphone output.
     MSI X340 The biggest bright spot is that Intel used the latest environmentally friendly ULV power CPU architecture, performance and power balance between the benefits and meet the needs of different user-level. Between performance and price in perfect balance and become a true mass consumption of the ultimate effect of thin models. MSI MSI X340 is a notebook to have a perfect posture, "thin" is her nature, the height of the whole notebook with a high degree of comparable coins. Very tight in this space age, the figure has a thin and light so that it can be placed to facilitate various aspects of the environment. In addition, her "thin" has brought the weight of near-ideal performance.
HP's most stylish laptop
  Packard recently introduced a value-oriented notebook in the low-end thin and light notebook market - dv2,Hp F2024B Battery uses AMD Neo MV-40 processor, machine weighs only 1630g, dv2 introduced Imprint Designs texture, which Let dv2 more wear-resistant, and ultra-portable design also allows the user dv2 women like more discussion.
  Configuration: HP dv2-1005AX (NU298PA) using AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 processor, GHz to 1.6GHz, with AMD RS690 + SB600 chipset, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3410 graphics card, 2G standard memory, 250G hard drive, using 12.1-inch LED widescreen, 802.11b / g wireless card, at the same time pre-installed machines have Windows Vista Home Premium operating system.
  Interface: 3 × USB2.0, 5 in 1 card reader, VGA, HDMI, RJ-45, a microphone / headphone jack, security keyhole.
  This notebook is a characteristic of the largest independent used the design of graphics cards, which allow dv2 more powerful in the game, while the machine with HDMI interface, so users can at any time the family of high-definition signal transmission notebook to watch television at home.
The most stylish BenQ notebooks
  Joybook Lite T131 (LC01), this book is the BenQ recently launched new products to AMD Yukon platform, with 13.3 inches TFT screen, making the product itself as a very thin, but also to ensure a balanced performance. A surface of the T130 using ABS engineering plastic materials, as well as mixed magnesium and aluminum alloy after grinding processing, feel very good. Office front-end is only the thinnest body 23.8mm, the 28mm thickness of the back-end, also make it become the same size products, one of the most thin and light notebook. To create more light and more elegant visual impression.
     Allocation: Joybook Lite T131 (LC01) the use of the AMD Sempron 200U processor, AMD RS690E + SB600 chipset, ATI Mobility Radeon X1270 integrated graphics, based on the AMD platform, the Yukon, comes standard with 1G memory, 250G hard drive, using 13.3-inch CCFL backlit display, machine, weighing about 1.8kg.
     Interface: 2 × USB2.0, ExpressCard, 2 in 1 card reader, VGA, RJ45, 1 group of audio input and output interface, integrated 1.3 million pixel camera
      Although the overall configuration of this notebook is not very good, but the biggest advantage is that ultra-low prices, the price of Internet access compared to the ordinary much of the high, but actual use will be more comfortable, well worth buying a product.
  Sony's fashion notebook
  Sony VGN-SR33H / P is a lovely light color notebooks. Sony PCGA-BP2NX Battery has a variety of colors to choose from to meet the needs of different people. The main body of the machine for the pink color, size of 315 × 233.8 × 34mm, using the popular cylindrical shaft and floating keyboard, the overall design of smooth, rich appearance of fine fashion sense with the body weight of the battery 1.99Kg. In addition, it is equipped with a 13.3-inch widescreen LED, the maximum resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels.
     Allocation: Sony VGN-SR33H / P using the Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 processor, 2GHz GHz, Intel GM45 chipset motherboard, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 an independent significant

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